Forfatterarkiv: Gunver Vestergård


Sunday April 20 the Dragon capsule docked to the Harmony module of the International Space Station. Today Monday the hatch into the capsule from the ISS will be opened and the cargo unloaded.

SpaceX-3 berthed to station

Preparing ground models

To ensure the scientific credibility of the experiment, ground models of the hardware and cells are prepared. They will be treated the same way as the cells aboard the ISS. Today the team changed the medium in the ground models and were instructed in how to initiate the computer program on earth at the same time as on the ISS.

Changing medium Computer control Panel

Last chance of launch

A new launch date on April 18 is now confirmed. However, the weather forecast only gives a 40 % probability of favorable launch weather. Saturday 19 will be the backup date with a 70 % chance of good weather.

Jesper and I will watch it from Denmark as we left Florida yesterday.

The launch window for the ISS closes on April 22 until June. A new scrubbed launch will therefore mean another two month delay.


Nein, nein, nein

With a perfect view for the launch as part of a VIP delegation we heard the sad news just one hour before launch. Suddenly everyone turned to their phones and the countdown was stopped. Launch is postponed! I have no words! The pics talk for themselves, I think.

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