Roundtable: Cultural Transformations, Technology and Urban Development

TIME: Thursday 27 March 2013, at 9am – 5pm
PLACE: Katrinebjerg, ADA 333
ORGANISERS: Research programs Cultural Transformations & Humans & IT, DAC, AU Special invitation to: Urban Studies initiative, AU Smart City, RethinkIMPACTS2017, PIT, Media Architecture Biennale, Digital Arts Initiative and Cesau

Urban technology is an interdisciplinary field of research including e.g. new forms of publics, participatory culture, creative, artistic and activism culture, surveillance, mobile locative media and tracking, new materialism, waste and sustainability, media architecture, urban design & planning and smart cities. At Aarhus University there are several research networks, units, projects and initiatives that relates to the field, and the field includes research challenges and funding possibilities. In the Spring 2014, Aarhus University is host for guest professor Katherine Gibson, and in that context, we will invite colleagues to take part in a roundtable symposium to share and develop research ideas across the research programs. We are also glad to announce that Jennifer Gabrys, Goldsmith/UK, will take part in the event.

9.00: Welcome
9.15: Guest talk: Katherine Gibson, Prof. Center for Urban Studies, Sydney, Australia: Participation, economy and community development
10.15 Break
10.30-12.15: Panel 1: Participation, technology and urban culture Chair: Anne Marit Waade (5-7 participants, short talks 5-10 minutes per person + discussion)
12.15-13.00 Lunch
13.00 Guest talk: Jennifer Gabrys, Goldsmith, UK, Urban waste and Media Architecture: Artistic and cultural strategies, technology and urban transformations
14.00 Break
14.15 Panel 2: Artistic and cultural strategies, technology and urban transformations. Chair: Søren Pold (5-7 participants, short talks 5-10 minutes per person + discussion)
16.00 Discussion, wine&snacks
17.00 Finito 

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27March14 Invitaiton Symposium Urban technology